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Our Inspectors

Our Inspectors are brothers that are on the same wave length when it comes to home inspections. We hold multiple certifications in many fields of the home inspection industry (see qualifications tab). We are continually enhancing our skills to keep up keep up with items new to the building trades and the home inspection profession. We attend national home inspection conferences, state, regional meetings, and continual education classes.  We have state-of-the- art technical equipment that allows for a more thorough inspection. We are licensed, professionally trained and fully insured. Home inspection is our livelihood, it’s our full-time profession , and as such it receives our undivided attention. We meet or exceed ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. We are professional, prompt, courteous, approachable, and we listen to your concerns. Our ethical position is clear; We work for our clients no one else.

Steve Dukette
Todd Dukette


Our Commitment to You

 Choosing the right qualified home inspector for you can be difficult. Different inspector's have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods and different pricing. Ultimately a thorough inspection depends heavily on the individual inspectors own effort. We  provide effort! Some Inspectors are fully insured, some are not. We do not subscribe to the “low cost, high volume, non insured, non educated” inspection business plan. We are moderately priced providing exceptional value in relation to cost. We check for pests and thermal deficiencies as a part of the process. We provide professional testing for our clients with 100% chain of custody. As many of our past clients have said (see the Testimonial" tab), we provide the most detailed and informative home inspection process in our local market.  Reports are given only to our clients and no one else unless instructed otherwise. We take great pride in providing unbiased inspections for our clients.

Your home inspection is an EVENT for us, not “just another inspection”. We know what impact a high quality home inspection can have for our clients. We view the inspection as if we were doing it for our sons and daughters or as if we were the ones about to invest a lot of money in the home.

We have no gimmicks or discounted pricing, only a straight forward, hard-working approach. Money spent on a Covered Bridge Professional Home Inspection is a very wise investment on a home purchase which may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Steve, Sue & Todd Dukette



Our Coordinator

Sue Dukette is our field and office coordinator.  Sue's many years in the Real Estate and Vacation Rental sectors make her a natural fit for our staff.  She answers our home inspection inquiries and phone calls the way customer service use to be, prompt, courteous, and professional. She will answer all your questions and concerns and will set up an appointment that is convenient for you. 


                                                           Sue Dukette