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Our mission is to continue being the leading home inspection service provider in the Central and Northern regions of Vermont and New Hampshire by consistently providing our customers with the highest level of service and expertise. We strive to provide fair and accurate information to our customers, documented in a manner that is easy to understand. We seek to establish a reputation as  industry experts through experience,  integrity, continued education and outstanding customer service. 

Welcome to Covered Bridge Professional Home Inspections, LLC

Hi folks,    Steve, Sue & Todd Dukette would like to thank you for visiting our site. Please take the moment to conduct a few clicks and learn more about us and the home inspection process in general.

Why select us?

  • Vermont currently has no standard requirements or qualifications to become a home inspector, so anyone can be an inspector without formal, practical training. Just print a business card and your in business...  There is no insurance requirements either. We are ASHI members, professionally trained and fully insured. Both of our Inspectors are licensed by the State of NH.
  • We understand our clients needs  for third-party, detailed, unbiased property inspections by truly qualified professionals. We view each inspection as an event, "not just another inspection". It's our opportunity to service our client's needs. Standard of care is priority for us.
  • We are true ASHI Certified Members.  Some inspectors claim to be inspecting to "The Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of the American Society of Home Inspectors" falsely suggesting they are actual members.  Don't be fooled, look for the ASHI logo. ASHI members have to pass a national proctored test (NHIE) and have at least 250 paid for inspections reviewed and scrutinized by ASHI peers.  Only after completing these obligations can you become a member. ASHI is widely regarded as the "GOLD STANDARD" for the home inspection industry.
  • We are CMC Certified Home Energy Auditors. We understand building science and the thermal envelope. Thermal improvements / cost savings ideas are included in every report at no charge to our clients. 
  • We take our profession seriously, avoiding conflicts of interest, we do not conduct building or repair work as additional services. Property inspections is all we do seven days a week. 
  • Locally owned and family operated, we are native to Vermont and New Hampshire and have an experienced understanding of the impact that a harsh climate has on structures in the region. 
  • Home Inspection is our full-time profession, we are not part-timers. This process deserves our full attention. We have been in business for many years and plan on home inspection profession as our livelihood for many years to come.
  • We provide valuable information and education to our clients on the operation of the home, safety, maintenance and possible solutions to issues that may arise during the inspection.
  • We deliver a very detailed easy-to-read digital photo reporting system via the Internet. Hard copies are available upon request.
  • We provide multiple resource information if repairs are needed, particularly helpful if you are from out of town.
  • Our approach is simple; we view the property as if we are the ones about to invest a lot of money in the property.
  • We have many repeat customers and a great referral base. Check out out "Testimonials" section to see why.   We want you as our next referral source.

A Covered Bridge Professional Home Inspection will give you piece of mind when considering a property.

From two locations we provide top-quality home inspections in the Central and Northern regions of Vermont and New Hampshire.